Founded in 2017 by Kamalesh Rao, Lifescient is a San Francisco Bay Area based pharmaceutical company specializing in drug delivery systems to improve the quality of patient care worldwide. These treatments have applications in humans as well as in veterinary medicine.


Lifescient  implemented a virtual R&D model whereby third party service providers are employed to conduct research and build products. without building internal brick and mortar facilities. This is to ensure that majority of the investment dollars are used to build intellectual property (IP).


Lifescient has developed Implants that have the potential to minimize dosing frequency, increase prescription compliance, facilitate delivery of medications that could not previously be delivered by the oral route, minimize drug diversion guaranteeing supervision-free medication to the animals and enhancing quality of care for pets.


We are repurposing a previously approved anti-parasitic medication as an treatment for COVID-19. We have been awarded a grant from the United States – India Science and Technology Endowment Fund to develop this treatment.