Lifescient is a drug delivery company dedicated to improving clinical outcomes by offering better delivery systems to patients. We are reformulating approved medications into improved dosage forms that will address several challenges such as prescription compliance, adverse reactions, quality of care, and drug diversion observed in conventional dosage forms. We have developed implants that have the ability to deliver medications to treat chronic conditions in pets and thereby enhance quality of care. We have extended our mission to providing a therapeutic alternative treatment to the COVID-19 pandemic by repurposing an existing safe medication that has the potential to provide a safe, effective and affordable option to millions of people worldwide.

Lifescient has developed a biodegradable implant with a medication to treat a chronic condition in felines. We also have developed several prototypes of medicated implants to treat other chronic conditions in pets.

Lifescient has developed an inhalable combination treatment for COVID-19 that will deliver the medications directly to the lungs thereby reducing the viral load and upper respiratory tract inflammation. Currently we are conducting safety testing and IND-enabling studies of our formulations.